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Millimeter Wave Radios: What Latency?


When some think of Wireless Ethernet and IP solutions for critical applications, they think of delays and latency. This could be farther from the truth with Millimeter Wave radios producing latency in the nanoseconds (not milliseconds).

That's not all to be excited about, these radios produce up to 2.5Gpbs of bandwidth at distances up to 10 miles (16.5km)! You can place them back to back to increase the distance. There available in license free 60Ghz or easy license 70/80 Ghz.

Its time to rethink wireless and low latency with Millimeter Wave radios:

  • High speed full-duplex Layer 1 transparent transmission up to 2.5 Gbps, for a total aggregated Layer 1 system capacity of up to 10 Gbps.
  • World’s highest powered (up to 23 dBm) lowest latency 70/80 GHz system.
  • World’s lowest latency 60/70/80 GHz system with equipment latency of less than 10 ns/nanoseconds (equipment/terminal latency)
  • Multiple non-interfering frequency channels in the 70/80 GHz bands.
  • Two independent Gigabit Ethernet connections via dual polarization operation over a single ultra high gain field changeable antenna (1ft/.3m or 2ft/.6m).
  • Clock and Data Recovery (CDR) for extreme long distance cascadable back-to-back operation.
  • All outdoor rated radio unit (ODU) with external connector (IP67 rated).
  • Choice of RJ45 copper, MM, or SM fiber connectors for each ODU.
  • PoE or direct 48 Vdc power connection.
  • Low energy consumption (<20W).
  • Industry exclusive ODU link indicators.
  • In-band and Out-of-Band web browser and SNMP v1/v2c support.

 At Pulse Supply, we have what you're looking for with the Lightpointe series of Millimeter wave solutions. We are always reducing latency!


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