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Are your users complaining there applications are slow? There IP phones are choppy when talking? Downloads are taking forever? Since the IP bandwidth is usually smaller on a Wide Area Network compared to the LAN where are all devices such as computer, latops, tablets, smart phones and servers are connected together, some control and optimization is required between the Router and the Switch. These devices look at the IP traffic and determine what type of protocol or applications are being utilized to perform priority and optimization of the individual packets. This allows higher priority traffic like voice, video or document sharing to be sent to the router first and limit traffic like email, IM or bit torrent.

Pulse recommends, supports and sells Exinda products and solutions. Exinda Unified Performance Management (UPM) Appliances provide the following features:

  • Increase the speed and efficiency of your wide area network
  • Unified Performance Management (UPM) solution delivers everything you need to manage your application performance and ensure the highest quality user experience
  • Holistic approach to WAN Optimization eliminates the communication barriers and contention of point solutions, by integrating visibility, control and optimization, into a single, unified solution.
  • Rich graphical view into your network
  • Immediately detects and optimizes out of the box
  • Solves the larger problem of trying to make existing equipment with specific functions become a WAN optimization product like Cisco, Sonicwall and others.
  • Scalable appliances from small offices to large enterprises

Exinda Unified Performance Management Products from Pulse Supply

With network traffic growing exponentially, application performance and WAN optimization are two of the biggest IT challenges that organizations face. Until now, network managers and administrators lacked a comprehensive solution for monitoring and managing network resources and bandwidth while meeting user expectations for fast application response. Exinda revolutionizes the way organizations manage their network by offering an affordable and easy to use appliance that delivers visibility, control and optimization.

Exinda’s unified solution ensures a complete picture of WAN visibility, control and optimization. Built on a single management platform, Exinda’s architecture seamlessly integrates all the components of WAN performance management into a single solution.

Download the Exinda Unified Performance Managent Appliance Brochure to get started.

  • 2060 Optimizer for small branch office - up to 20Mbps and 50 users
  • 4061 Optimizer for medium to large branch offices - up to 250Mbps and 1000 users
  • 6060 Optimizer for medium to headquarter offices and data centers - up to 1Gbps and 10,000 users
  • 8060 Optimizer for headquarter offices and data centers - up to 5Gbps and 100,000 users
  • 10060 Optimizer for headquarter offices and data centers - up to 10Gbps and 10 users

Watch the 2 minute WAN Optimization explanation video or watch on See this WAN Optimization video on You Tube

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